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October 04, 2010


Jenny Sellars

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! My mom is an 11 year breast cancer battler! She still has not won the battle, but she is trying!!

Kim Jones

Great post. I have purchase Sheri's wool before and it is lovely and so is she. :)

Sheri DeMate

Carol, I read your story outloud to my husband and couldn't finish without crying. It amazes me that I could be an inspiration to anyone! Little "ole me? It was a long and Very unpleasant fall, winter, and spring. I went to the cardiologist this afternoon and he said my heart is growing stronger every day. (The chemo caused congestive heart failure.) He said I should live a long and happy life! Those words just sang in my head!
I've not been dyeing much wool lately. We just returned from a nine day trip to Maine and it took all of my energy to get ready and go on that trip. I wasn't even sure I was going to have my Etsy shop anymore. It's really hard work to dye the wool, wash and dry it (in the basement), photograph it, then get it listed. If we counted our time, we don't make any money at all!!! But I LOVE to dye wool and now, after reading your story, if I can inspire someone like you I will continue!
Thanks to you Carol for the kind words and inspiring me to get back in those dye pots!!!


I have never met Sheri personally, but we have become email buddies. Your story of her was RIGHT ON ---- she is a dear gal --- a woman with bounds of energy, no matter what ---- with a heart as big as the moon. Her talent, not just with wool and hooking and dyeing, knows no boundaries. She is one heckofa woman..............we are all blessed to be able to call her friend.

Very nice post about a terrific gal.

Mrs Kwitty

What a wonderful story behind an absolutely beautiful rug!! Thanks for sharing--and for being such a champion for cancer awareness.
Smiles, Karen


I found your blog when visiting your sister today.

Your rug is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

Wishing you a wonderful day!



Thanks for that wonderful posting. I "met" Sheri through her Etsy shop also. She's such a role model for strength and great humor in the darkest of times...not to mention a great dyer...her wools are just awesome! PS Sheri, if you're reading this...so happy you're back in biz!

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